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Value of experimentation in making noise music

To quote a well-known and respected noise artist: "The best part of doing something this creative or experimental or noisy is actually doing it. Part of the process is experimentation."

This cannot be closer to the truth about what the essence of noise music is. Noise projects like Hijokaidan were founded on the premise of "anything goes" and any musical rules need to go out the window. Noise music is based on freedom of musical expression without any formal convention. (Though one may say that the idea of such liberated music is a defining aspect of what noise music is)

Most artists in the noise music genre can probably say that they have never had "noise music lessons" like perhaps some vocalists, cellists or drummers may have had. I would like to relate to you how my noise project, Xome, got its start making noise music.

A very long time ago, I had a handful of effects, keyboards, mixers and other musical goodies. I would often sit around in my state of boredom and play around with said equipment until the wee hours. With the limited equipment I had in my possession, much improvisation was necessary. Things like touching the bare end of a cord to get that humming sound was looped and manipulated. This sort of thing evolved until anything and everything was looped and processed. Sounds from TV, radio static, voices, whatever was composed into some sort of musical mayhem. From there it evolved and became more refined. I discovered through trial and error what combination of effects and other devices sounded what I considered good together. Looking back on the whole history of Xome, I can hear some sort of sonic evolution. I've played a lot of live shows and, believe me, not all of them have been stellar. Some older Xome recordings are downright embarrassing. But I have learned from that experience. I would have never discovered anything new if it weren't for all the failures I have been through.

So, yes! Experiment! Have fun and try anything that your mind can think of.

Bob Scott

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